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Rates start from 9.9% APR – Representative example:

Borrowing £14,000 over 5 years with a representative APR of 16.3%, annual interest rate of 8.5% (Fixed) and a deposit of £0.00, the monthly payment would be £334.50 per month, with a total cost of credit of £6,070 and a total amount payable of £20,070.00.

This is an example only. Lender fees may apply, finance is subject to status.

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Lets start with the basics…
How does vehicle finance work?

What is Vehicle Finance?

Vehicle Finance is a method of purchasing a vehicle without paying the entire cost upfront. Instead you make monthly payments over a set period. There are several types of vehicle finance options available, we offer the following:

1. Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase, commonly referred to as PCP, can be best described as a long term rental where customers can use their vehicle until the end of their agreement, before deciding whether they want to keep their vehicle or not.

At the end of the agreement there are three options for you to choose from: Pay the balloon payment (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value), including any option to purchase fee, and take ownership of the vehicle; hand back the vehicle subject to condition and mileage; part exchange the vehicle for another one, where you can use any equity you may have along with a deposit if required. You should also be aware that you may have to cover any shortfall.

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2. Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase has been a very popular way for customers to fund the purchase of their vehicles.

Hire purchase is a fixed cost loan secured to the vehicle.

You will usually pay a cash deposit, part exchange a vehicle or both and make monthly payments typically between 24 or 60 months.

At the end of the term you will pay a small option to purchase fee and the ownership of the vehicle will be yours.

Unlike PCP, you do not pay a final balloon payment and simply pay regular monthly payments to which you then own the car outright.

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3. Conditional Sale

Conditional Sale

Conditional sale, often referred to as CS, is comparable with Hire Purchase.

Similar to Hire Purchase it is often suitable to customers who intend on eventually owning the vehicle at the end of the financing period.

The total cost of the vehicle (less any deposit) is split into monthly payments over the duration of your plan.

The main difference between Conditional Sale and Hire Purchase is that you will automatically own the vehicle once the finance has been repaid in full.

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Refinance Your Car

4. Refinance Your Car

The cost of living crisis has played its part in the increased uptake of this funding method.

Whether you’re at the end of your agreement and want to keep your car, hoping to reduce your monthly outgoings or you want to take steps towards ownership of your vehicle, this could be an option worth exploring.

You would essentially be taking out a new finance agreement and settling any finance you may currently have, which can lower monthly payments or reduce the remaining term of finance.

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Lease Purchase

5. Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is often compared to Hire Purchase, the main difference between the two agreements is that Lease Purchase agreements have a balloon payment.

This can make it a preferred method of funding for customers where the priority is keeping their monthly payment low.

The finance company will use information you provide such as, the term you would like the finance over and what mileage you plan to do on the vehicle to set a balloon payment – based on the expected value of the car at the end of the term. You can then pay a lump sum to clear the balloon payment and keep the vehicle or use it as part exchange against another.

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